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About Us

About Us

If you found Total Health Campus, you’re likely an employee of one of the five school districts that make up CSDSIP (Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Hickman Mills, Lone Jack, or Smithville) and you’re looking for information to improve your well-being. The (CDC) describes well-being as much more than free from disease. It includes physical, economic, social, emotional and psychological well-being. Thanks for your interest and thanks for all that you do for your school community. We hope you’ll find these resources useful to you and your family.

Vision, Values, and Mission

Total Health Campus is an online extension of the Cooperating School Districts Self-Insurance Pool (CSDSIP). CSDSIP was created by visionary school leaders who wished to gain more control over their districts’ healthcare plans. By dedicating resources to wellness and prevention, CSDSIP focuses on well-being rather than the traditional strategy of simply treating illness.


Total Health Campus is meant to be the “hub” for well-being resources, tools and programs. For instance:

• The site offers information about various programs that encourage healthy behaviors.

• The site has abundant resources (library, links, and archived materials) to educate and inspire.

• We also link to www.mycigna.com to leverage all the important resources of our partner, Cigna, including health records and extremely useful tools and calculators.

• And members are invited to utilize our “convenient care” facility, the CWC.

Your Input

We value your suggestions. Feel free to communicate with us about our programs or programs you would like to see developed.